Pearl Jam concerts are an event for most fans, but one fan in particular got a night he'll never forget during a show in Spokane, Wash. This past Saturday (Nov. 30), Eddie Vedder noticed a fan in the audience holding up a sign saying that he would let the band shave his dreadlocks if they played his request.

Vedder invited the man onstage to take him up on the offer. As seen in fan shot video, the man in question had really lengthy and unruly dreads, perfect for headbanging. And as such, he asked if the band would play 'Brain of J' just so that he could headbang one final time before saying farewell to his hair.

The band obliged with a hard-edged version of the song while the fan let his hair fly wildly around as he rocked out to the track. Midway through the song, Vedder started tapping the man on the shoulders, leading him to a seat while he had a set of clippers ready to do their work. Managing to shore off a few of the lengthy hair strands between verses, Vedder and the fan kept the audience entertained.

After the song ended, there was still plenty of hair left, but the members of the group kept the audience entertained with a bluesy little ditty while Vedder one-by-one took care of the remaining strands of hair.

According to Jambase, former New Orleans Saints player and major Pearl Jam fan Steve Gleason helped choose the band's set list for the Spokane show. On top of the familiar favorites and a few more obscure tracks, Pearl Jam also rocked covers of the Velvet Underground's 'After Hours,' Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' 'I Won't Back Down,' and Van Halen's 'Eruption' and 'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love' for the enthralled audience.