Have you ever hated a band name so much that you couldn't listen to their music because of it? Some music fans on Reddit have shared the bands they avoided solely because they didn't like their names, though many later realized they actually liked their music.

The conversation took place on the Hardcore Reddit page, and a ton of people contributed to the responses — though there were a good amount of non-hardcore bands mentioned. One person chose the Canadian hardcore punk group Fucked Up, because they felt the moniker was "corny." Though they still agree with the sentiment, they admitted that the group is one of the "most diverse and prolific" hardcore groups they've ever gotten into, and a lot of other listeners seem to agree with the statement.

Another user commented that they initially thought Boston outfit The Rival Mob were a "beatdown heavy band," so they ignored them for years. Eventually, though, the group became the person's "favorite style of hardcore."

As for an artist outside of the hardcore genre, one individual said that they hated the band Diarrhea Planet's title so much that their own band almost turned down an opportunity to open for them. Nevertheless, the unnamed group ventured forward with the invite, and the person called the Diarrhea Planet band members "some of the coolest guys in the world." Someone else pointed out that the group actually played a set at Bonnaroo this past weekend.

Surprisingly enough, Every Time I Die also made the list, with the person writing that they thought the name sounded like "generic metalcore," though they later became their favorite band. Misfits also made an appearance, with the individual adding that they didn't like the band's whole aesthetic, in addition to their name.

Other groups that were mentioned throughout the thread include Korn, Knocked Loose, Code Orange, Life of Agony, Gel, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, SpiritWorld, The Fartz — which Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan once played in, seeyouspacecowboy, Dying Fetus, Bad Brains and even Turnstile.

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"When I first heard about Turnstile when the EPs came out I made a false assumption that they sounded like Hot Water Music and named themselves after the HWM song 'Turnstile.' So ignored them for quite a while. They do not sound like Hot Water Music," the person elaborated.

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What band did you procrastinate listening to because you were turned off by their name?
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