Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor just released a new solo track, but it may take you a while to get through it. The song is titled "Red Water" and was released under his Bulb moniker and it clocks in at just shy of one hour and 37 minutes.

While Periphery offer something a little more crushing, Mansoor's "Red Water" is actually quite tranquil. Filled with ambient sounds, the tracks just kind of hovers for the most part, thought the inclusion of drums will push the momentum forward at times. In general, the airy feel should make this great background music or something that will ease you into a more chilled out existence.

"The world is a little crazy, here's something to relax to," said Manshoor about the track. One of the early comments on the YouTube post questions, "Should an artist feel honored or insulted that their music puts people to sleep?," but Manshoor took the comment in stride, stating, "I made this hoping people would relax, chill out, or sleep to it, so it's all good!"

The track is definitely a departure from Manshoor's work in Periphery. The metal rockers issued their Periphery IV: Hail Stan album last year. The guitarist has also been putting more work toward his Bulb project this year, with 10 albums of material set to arrive this year. He appears to be working numerically backwards, having already issued Archives, Vol. 8 and Archives, Vol. 7 during the month of June. Volumes 6 and 5 will arrive in July, while four other Archives volumes will arrive in the coming months along with an Orchestral set on Aug. 7 and an Electronic set finishing things out on Oct. 16. Manshoor has written, recorded and self-produced all of the music from Bulb.

Bulb, "Red Water"

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