Philip Anselmo is one of metal's most prolific musicians, expanding his metal horizons among a myriad of projects. With Superjoint Ritual reactivated under the abbreviated name of just Superjoint, the singer confirmed the new album's title earlier this year (Caught Up in the Gears of Application) and has just announced the record will see a Nov. 11 release date in a new interview. The icon also confirmed that his album with horror film legend Bill Moseley has been completed and discussed the status of Down.

"That is the question of the year," Anselmo told Elliott of Little Punk People (video above) regarding a new Down album. "Maybe. That's all I can say is maybe. I've got so much music that I'm about to — it's kind of a funny word — dump on the public." Discussing varying sonic landscapes, the singer added, "New Superjoint, which is out Nov. 11," continuing about another project, "I've been doing this other tripped out music; it's very tough for me to put a fingertip on, but I would say that it's something different than I've done before in the past."

As for his collaboration with Bill Moseley (actor featured in House of 1,000 Corpses, Army of Darkness, Night of the Living Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and many more), Anselmo said, "The record is finished. Now, we're working on what you would call album cover art. I like the picture of me and Bill holding kittens. He likes this other picture, so we might have to get in the ring, strap on the gloves and hash this one out. Bill's a good boxer, but I think I might have better footwork at this stage now that I'm 38."

In October of last year, Anselmo gave Loudwire some particulars about the new Superjoint record, stating, “There is a groove element to it, but I don’t want to toss that word around too liberally, because it’ll give people the wrong idea … It’s short, straight to the point, no bulls–t and we’re close, we’re really close. We’re close to about 30-45 minutes of music … but we’ve got more writing to do.”

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