Phil Anselmo is a student of the game and he puts everything into his passions. During the Revolver Golden Gods, the Pantera and Down frontman took a moment to chat with Loudwire on the Black Carpet about some of those passions, including his upcoming Housecore Horror Festival, the release of his first solo album and his admiration for some of his musical peers.

Anselmo's first solo disc, 'Walk Through Exits Only,' is due July 16 through his Housecore Records label and a new song called 'Usurper Bastard's Rant' is currently streaming online via Rolling Stone. Check out Anselmo discussing the disc and other topics in our interview below.

Congrats on the nomination for Best Vocalist. How do you feel about your chances?

I already know who I'd vote for. It'd be Chris Cornell. He's the best modern-day rock vocalist in the mold of Paul Rodgers and not that he sounds like it, but the creativity of Freddie Mercury. Chris can do it all, with his range, his pitch, his beautiful vibrato and whatnot, his awesome lyrics. He should win hands down.

You're performing with Anthrax and you guys have crossed paths plenty of time from the tours to all the Metal Masters stuff you do together. Can you talk about the relationship there?

We are as tight as people can be because of all the extensive touring we've done and I might have mentioned that I've known [late Slayer guitarist] Jeff Hanneman since 1987, but we've known Anthrax even longer. So our camaraderie is ridiculous. We thrive on the absurd and everything is an inside joke. Everything is a laugh. So to be around them is just a pleasure -- just the sweetest damn band you'd ever want to meet. Those guys are just so down to earth and real.

You've been in Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual and now you're releasing solo album. Does each project bring a different challenge?

Absolutely and that's the point. Music is a vast place. Music is a big vast world and it's history, literally. We're talking about decades times decades times decades and it's all out there. And if you're a true musician, I believe you ought to have the personal right to explore in different ways.

But with the solo stuff, I wanted to do something very extreme to a certain degree, but I did not want to alienate Pantera fans or any of the other bands that I've been in, but it's very much a first step type of thing. For me it's also three years old now, so it's like damn, I've been sitting on this thing forever. So I'm a little over it, but that being said, we're going to do some touring, we're gonna do some shows and we expect to have a lot of fun with it. It's just another part of the chapter, man.

And also, you've got the Housecore Horrorfest coming up….

Yeah, in October man. I'm so excited about that. We didn't realize when we set it up how many people were going to come out of the woodwork and help. It was like, 'Wow!' So now it's very overwhelming and we now have to make sure all our t's are crossed, i's are dotted and be meticulous about this thing.

Legendary people coming down -- Coffin Joe, Jim VanBebber, Jorg Buttgereit and obviously the legendary Goblin is coming down, the first time in North America, so that was a first-round knockout for us and I love it, I love it, I love it. There's more bands to announce, there's plenty more films to announce.

One thing that is really exciting about it is that we are showing a lot of real golden oldies. Good ones, great ones. But what's really cool is all the new submissions we're getting -- shorts, full length or even medium length film. There are some really creative artists, directors and even actors that are really trying to change the game instead of the cut-and-paste remake generation of whatever. There's some really great submissions and for a guy like me who has no interest in making horror films, I just like watching 'em, I love it. That's another first-round knockout. I love it man.

Will you get to sit back and enjoy any of it?

I wish I could, but this first year I'm playing two nights -- one with Down, one with the solo record. So it's going to be work.

And with Tony Iommi, Rob Zombie and Metallica getting honored tonight, what's your thoughts on their selections?

I've grown up with all these guys and known them all. And they deserve this. Metallica obviously they speak for themselves. And just the name Metallica alone is synonymous with greatness. With Rob Zombie, back in the day before White Zombie was signed to a major label, we played a bunch of shows with them back in New York back in the day. And we've remained good friends over the years and I've got plenty of respect for Rob.

Tony Iommi, I'm gonna tell you what. We befriended each other on the Ozzfest when Black Sabbath was headlining and we'd talk it up everyday. He's about the most down to earth, real, funny, entertaining guy you'd want to be around. And I also had the pleasure of making music with him, so you know, that's like dream world stuff. That's the stuff you only see in dreams in your mind, but it really happens. So I love them all and I really wish them the best and I think it's gonna be great.

To check out the new solo track from Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals, titled 'Usurper's Bastard Rant,' click the button below.