Here's yet another exclusive video of Pantera legend Philip Anselmo giving you some insider info on a track from 'Far Beyond Driven.' In this clip, Phil goes deeper into the record and recalls the inspiration for 'Shedding Skin.'

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pantera's 'Far Beyond Driven,' which is widely considered to be the first truly heavy metal album to top the Billboard 200 chart. Pantera have released a special edition of the record to celebrate its 20th birthday, which includes live audio from the band's 1994 Monsters of Rock Festival performance.

"'Shedding Skin' was about me being in my 20s and any girlfriend, lady-friend of mine trying to tie me down at that age, at that particular time," begins Anselmo. "Basically, 'lay off, right now.' A relationship with me? A serious relationship with me at that age? Forget it, f--- off. Really, it's impossible."

Watch the exclusive video above and stay tuned for more 'Far Beyond Driven' episodes.

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