Phil Anselmo's inaugural Housecore Horror and Music Festival got underway today (Oct. 24) in Austin, Texas. To celebrate, they are releasing a limited edition, two song vinyl EP.

The EP's two tracks are 'Ugly Mug' (listen below via Metal Sucks) and 'Pigs Kissing Pigs (also listen below) via Scion AV).' They were both written by Anselmo and recorded during the 'Walk Through Exits Only' sessions at Anselmo's New Orleans studio, Nodferatu's Lair, and produced by Anselmo and Michael Thompson. Anselmo's debut solo album 'Walk Through Exits Only' was released in July.

"This two-song EP is a great departure from our earlier full-length, 'Walk Through Exits Only,'" Anselmo says. "The material is a different approach to extreme music in general, and perhaps some of the most epic songs written to date from our camp.  Enjoy."

The EP is for sale now at the festival, and will be available to order beginning Monday at this location.

The Housecore Festival is jam packed with film screenings and performances from artists including GWAR, Goblin, Crowbar, Eyehategod, Pig Destroyer and more. Anselmo is performing twice during the festival, once with Down and once with the Illegals. Click here to see our interview with Anselmo about the festival.

Some of the full-length and short films being screened at the festival include ‘The Evil Dead,’ ‘The Manson Family,’ ‘Deadbeat at Dawn,’ ‘Nekromantik’ (parts one and two), two ‘Coffin Joe’ classics and many more.

Listen to Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals - 'Ugly Mug'

Listen to Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals - 'Pigs Kissing Pigs'