A new photo from Tool has set fans abuzz with anticipation. The shot, taken in a recording studio, shows members of the band posing for a photo with producer/engineer Joe Barresi and mastering engineer Bob Ludwig. Absent from the picture is singer Maynard James Keenan, though the singer had stated in a previous social media post that he had already tracked his vocals for the new album.

With no caption to the photo, speculation on what the shot means has ranged from the band currently working with Ludwig to master the album while others have gleaned that from the smiles, mastering may be done. Given that mastering is one of the final elements in preparing a new record, could it be possible that the long-awaited album is finally done? It should be noted that confirmation on the status of the mastering or finalization of the album has not been revealed.

Earlier this year, drummer Danny Carey suggested that the plan was for the new album to arrive by mid-April, but Keenan later shot down the suggestion, saying that a more likely window was somewhere between mid-May and mid-July.

Tool does have tour dates booked for 2019, starting with U.S. festival appearances at the Epicenter and Chicago Open Air festivals in May, followed by a European tour in June and early July. See all their stops here.

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