Post-hardcore innovators Poison the Well will be re-releasing their first and second full-length albums on Rise Records. This summer, 'The Opposite and December' and 'Tear From the Red' will once again hit fans to celebrate their career and heavily influential records.

Fans of Poison the Well mourned the loss of the band as they announced their hiatus to "explore other interests" in July 2010. The group has been teasing fans since April 21 of this year, when they posted the short update, "News coming soon," to their Facebook page. After two weeks of suspense, the band announced the re-release of their freshman and sophomore full-length albums.

With many having crossed their fingers for a reunion, some fans were left disappointed with the news. However, these are not just regular re-releases. 'The Opposite of December' and 'Tear From the Red' have both been out of print for years. The newly remastered albums will also be put out on double 12" gatefold vinyl, deluxe CD and as a low-priced digital album.

Released in 1999, 'The Opposite of December' is regarded as one of the most important albums which shaped modern post-hardcore and metalcore. 'Tear From the Red' wasn't as well received as their previous work, but is now seen as more of a bridge to the experimental style that Poison the Well would later adopt and perfect.

Watch the album re-release annoucement / lyric video for the 'Opposite of December' track 'Nerdy' below:

Watch the Lyric Video for Poison the Well's 'Nerdy'

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