With Pop Evil's self-titled album due less than a month away, the band is giving fans another bit of new music to digest. One of their most powerful political statements to date as a band can be felt and heard on the new song "Colors Bleed" and the video can be seen above.

The clip centers on a male and female, both lying on a table seemingly taken into a virtual reality world where they are pitted against each other in a cage match. The beatings dished out are brutal, but also something under the control of a faceless figure manipulating the outcome. As the punches fly, the figure watches on while also playing a solo game of chess. But eventually the pair become wise to the manipulation and stop the brutality, bonding together as a show of unity against the shadowy figure attempting to divide them.

The "Colors Bleed" video was directed by Columbia Tatone, who also helmed the recent "Waking Lions" video. Tatone told Billboard, who premiered the clip, "The #MeToo movement has been a paramount inspiration to my creative endeavor. The courage of individuals has inspired and empowered me, not only as a female director but as a truth-seeker."

The director added, “'Colors Bleed' highlights togetherness: standing together against global issues. #MeToo has put the spotlight on equality, and through this video, we were able to portray the many ways we’re pitted against each other and how we can’t fight fire with more fire. As men and women, we have come alongside one another and stand together peacefully. I’m grateful and honored that Pop Evil invited me to collaborate with them and be a part of their journey."

"Colors Bleed" is featured on the self-titled Pop Evil album, which is due Feb. 16. Get your pre-orders in at this location.

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