Pop Evil have undergone a bit of a lineup change. The band and longtime drummer Josh "Chachi Riot" Marunde went their separate ways, but the group has already filled the void with new drummer Hayley Cramer.

Marunde made the announcement earlier this spring, revealing that he was making the move in order to spend more time with his family. The drummer had been with the band since 2011 when he replaced the group's previous stickman Dylan Allison. Though he made the announcement a little while ago, he remained with the band into their May 24 performance in their home state of Michigan.

"That's something I've already talked to Pop Evil about," the drummer told The MARR Army Rock Show. "A year from now, who's to say I won't wanna come out and play three songs on a show, or play a show with the guys...whether they are in Michigan or I'm on the road. I'm never gonna stop playing drums." He revealed that its his intent to make himself available as a hired gun for acts on a short-term basis.

The band has named Hayley Cramer to take over behind the kit, and she's been hanging out with the band over a couple of months until the switch was ready to take place.

During a chat with Radio Contraband (watch above), vocalist Leigh Kakaty introduced Cramer. "It's a new dynamic. She's amazing," says Kakaty in the video above. "She's world famous, from the U.K., from Brighton, we love her and we didn't think this was going to work because she's a girl on the bus. We didn't know if this was the right idea. We already knew she could play the drums, she slays it. But she's already become a better sister, I love her."

The vocalist stated that they put feelers out that they were interested in the possibility of a female drummer and that she was suggested by mutual friends. While they knew she could play, they wanted to see how things would work out with life on the road and so far everything has gone great.

Watch Hayley Cramer Drumming Along to a Pretty Reckless Song

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