The grass is always greener in the entertainment industries. Actors want to be rock stars. Rock stars want to be porn stars. Or athletes. Whatever the case, being a public figure certainly has its privileges but that doesn't stop rockers and other famous types from having dreams. Take Pop Evil vocalist Leigh Kakaty for example. Kakaty is living the dream as a nationally signed and touring rock star. Despite getting to pursue music as a career, that doesn't stop Kakaty from living the football life vicariously through a photo.

The singer released a hilarious, candid and obviously fake photo of himself leaping through the air, catching and scoring a TD pass at the University of Michigan's 'In the Big House' stadium. As we're eyeballs deep in a thrilling football season, Kataky got in on the fun, even if only for an enhanced image. He can pretend he just won the big game for a moment, right? Right.

The Michigan-based Kakaty is probably thrilled that the Detroit Lions have finally climbed out of the basement of the NFC in the NFL courtesy of some exciting players like Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford.

Pop Evil's 'War of Angels' is out now.