It's time to turn it up and rock it out as Pop Evil are returning with their latest studio album, 'Onyx.' But before the disc hits stores on Tuesday (May 14), the band has teamed up with Loudwire to offer an exclusive full stream of the album (listen below).

The five-piece of frontman Leigh Kakaty, guitarist Dave Grahs, bassist Matt DiRito, drummer Chachi Riot and guitarist Nick Fuelling have upped the ante with this new album, with producer Johnny K. behind the boards getting the right amount of rock to move you.

Fans have already latched on to the album's breakout single 'Trenches,' and the band just released a new video for the song this past week that can be seen here. But 'Trenches' is only but one of the album's standout tracks. There's also the hard-hitting 'Goodbye My Friends' that opens the album, complete with a thumping, contagious bass line. Fans of the band will also gravitate toward such tracks as the dark yet heavy 'Deal With the Devil,' the energetic rocker 'Fly Away,' the rock ballads 'Torn to Pieces' and 'Silence & Scars' and the full-on jam of the album's closer 'Flawed.'

Pop Evil's 'Onyx' is being released by eOne and if you like what you hear, you can purchase this album via iTunes right here. Also be sure to catch Pop Evil on tour throughout the summer. See their full itinerary here.

Listen to Pop Evil's 'Onyx' Album