2020 was a huge year for Poppy as she made the transition to a heavier sound and won over many in the rock and metal world, but what comes next? While speaking with Spin, Poppy revealed that she's working on "a couple" of projects, including one that is "about 95 percent done."

The singer was asked about some music she had started cataloging back in March and she responded, "I still intend on releasing what I was doing in March, but it morphed into something else. I actually have my hand in a couple of projects at the moment. But one of them is about 95 percent done, and I am itching to release that."

She revealed, "About a month ago in L.A., I got my touring band together, and we got to record a new album. It was a process I’d never experienced but knew I always wanted to do. It was very organic."

The vocalist continued, "I Disagree was written over the span of about a year. It was done in the studio: live guitar and vocals, but everything else in the box. This whole experience and approach was completely new, and the producer is someone I really respect and have wanted to work with for a number of years. I can talk about that at a different point. But I was able to get my band together and learn the songs I wrote in a very confined space and time, about things that are very close to me. We tracked it all live in a room. It has a completely different sonic vibe. We’re doing the last touches on it now."

When asked if the pandemic inspired her new material, the singer explained that she chose not to add onto the topic that's dominated our world for the past year, adding that she finds the idea a bit "cringy."

"There’s no mention of quarantine or lockdown or any of those things in the songs," said Poppy. "I think we all know where we’ve all been for the last nine months. I don’t need to beat people over the head about that — we all know what happened. [laughs] The songs are just very personal to me — they’re about a span of two years."

Poppy's big year ended with a Grammy nomination as she's up for Best Metal Performance for her song "Bloodmoney." The winners will be announced Sunday, Jan. 31 with the Grammy ceremony airing on CBS.

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