It's been a year of highs and lows for Poppy, as her I Disagree album took the world by storm, but she also cut ties with longtime creative partner Titanic Sinclair. In a new posting, Poppy claims that an ex-boyfriend has been causing her issues of late, releasing personal photos and leaking some demos of music she's done.

The missive does not name the ex in question, it does call out the person for his attempts to diminish her by releasing the photos and issuing music that was quite personal to her.

Poppy writes, "My ex boyfriend would always tell me I looked ugly without makeup on and I should never been seen without it."

She then alludes to a few makeup videos she's recently posted online, stating, "Making these makeup videos has not only helped me feel more comfortable in my skin, but I want to encourage other people that are being constantly put down in a similar way that it's ok to love yourself + your skin."

Poppy adds of her ex's intentions, "That person is releasing photos of me without makeup (and blonde hair) plus very personal demos that only he has. This is an attempt to make me feel small, insecure and exposed."

But she concludes, "Those tactics aren't going to work. I am proud of my bare face and I am happy I no longer feel the way I did. I chose not to release those demos for personal reasons. I no longer have that choice as it was taken from me, so hope you enjoy. Love all my fans and thank you for all the support."

One of Poppy's fans on Twitter posted the following shot, calling out the ex in question for his actions.

Poppy's sound evolved, taking on a heavier direction with 2020's I Disagree album. The record has already yielded the songs "Concrete," "I Disagree," "Bloodmoney," "Fill the Crown" and "Anything Like Me."

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