There's a lot of WTF moments floating around in 2020, but Post Malone name-dropping goblin metal band Nekrogoblikon on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast is actually one we can all handle.

First, a little background on Nekrogoblikon for all you goblin metal novices out there. The band formed in 2006 in Santa Barbara, California and play a hybrid of death metal with folk-like elements and an abundance of clean singing to combat the devilish, gritty sneers. Though the rest of the band is clad is plain clothes, it's the singer, Goldberg, who gets all the glory, outfitted with a fiendish goblin mask and hands.

Nekrogoblikon have four albums out, the latest being 2018's Welcome to Bonkers and they also issued a cover of System of a Down's "Chop Suey!" earlier in July. Almost all of their records have been independently released, making the band a word-of-mouth underground sensation. Oh, and they're well aware that this is a shtick — one of their songs is even titled "We Need a Gimmick."

We already know Post Malone is a fan of underground metal — he's rocked a Gatecreeper shirt onstage before — and this is further proof that the pop/rap star is still a headbanger at heart.

At one point in the nearly four-hour podcast, the conversation drifted to goblins, to which Post Malone asked host Joe Rogan, "You ever heard of Nekrogoblikon?" Unsurprisingly, Rogan was not familiar with the band as Posty went on, "It's like a metal band, but the lead singer is a goblin. It's incredible," before instructing the podcast's producers to pull up a picture and video of Nekrogoblikon.

"His biggest song is he has a normal job and he has a crush on this girl, but she's in love with this douchebag from this office," added Posty as the wrong video was pulled up and shown on screen. The music video he referenced is for "No One Survives" and you can watch that toward the bottom of the page.

Watch the clip of the Nekrogoblikon name-drop directly below and watch the full episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast here.

Post Malone Name-Drops Nekrogoblikon on Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

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