On Friday night's Loudwire Nights, the cast of AXS TV's Power Hour joined Chuck Armstrong to dive into their show, their hopes for its future and what some of their favorite songs of 2023 are.

"We're not here to shoot down or call people out on bad things, you know," Matt Pinfield said about the purpose of Power Hour. "There's enough of that. There's enough negativity. We want to keep things positive and have a great time while doing it."

Power Hour just wrapped its second season on AXS TV and the crew is excited for its future.

"I just hope everybody watching is always having a good time," Caity Babs said. "We're having a good time and I mean, I don't try to think about the future too much. I'm here and now and I just try to do the best I can."

Josh Bernstein equated Power Hour to a party and that's the vibe they've tried to bring to the television screen during the show's first two seasons — and it's the vibe they'll continue bringing as long as people are watching.

"I always look at rock and roll as a cool party and I'm one of the people invited and I want to invite others to the party. That's what we're trying to do each week."

The Power Hour Hosts Pick Their Favorite Songs of 2023

Josh Bernstein: "I think for me it's either 'Lux Æterna' — it's been such a Metallica year — or...'Another Celebration at the End of the World' by [Mammoth WVH]."

Matt Pinfield: "It was such an incredible year. When Dave [Grohl] [wished me a happy] birthday at Sonic Temple and dedicated 'My Hero' to me, he surprised me. We were just so blown away by that whole thing and at the same time, [Foo Fighters'] 'Rescued' came out and became one of the biggest songs of the year. 'Rescued' is definitely one of my songs of the year. I agree with Josh also on 'Lux Æterna,' because I love that track. It's been a pretty great year for rock and roll."

Caity Babs: "I have a couple. One would probably be Falling In Reverse's 'Watch the World Burn' because that song is just massively huge and it's helping these younger artists [who are] looking up to Falling In Reverse. Another one is Ice Nine Kills' 'Meat & Greet.' I like the heavy stuff and that sounds really heavy and the music video is just incredible. And then Spiritbox's 'Cellar Door.'"

As Chuck heard their picks, he had to sneak his own choice into the conversation — and it just so happened that his favorite song of 2023 was regularly on Power Hour's music video countdown: Tim Montana's "Devil You Know."

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"Oh yeah, I'll be honest, let me tell you, I want to tell you the truth," Pinfield said. "That's my favorite song right now. That song is my favorite song right now. I love that song. He's such an interesting guy ... Huge Tim Montana fans here at the show."

What Else did the Power Hour Crew Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • Why Caity Babs is fearless when it comes to interviewing rock stars on the show
  • Why they're bullish on the blending of country and rock by artists like Jelly Roll and Hardy
  • What the humble beginnings of Power Hour looked like

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Matt Pinfield, Caity Babs and Josh Bernstein joined Loudwire Nights on Friday, Dec. 15; the show replays online here, and you can tune in live every weeknight at 7PM ET or on the Loudwire app; you can also see if the show is available on your local radio station and listen to interviews on-demand.

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