Take a deep breath! Project 86 are ready to let loose with "MHS," the hard-hitting new song from their latest effort Sheep Among Wolves. The song is exclusively premiering here at Loudwire and can be heard in the player above.

The Orange County rockers are closing in on two decades of aggression and with their 10th studio album, there's no signs that Andrew Schwab and his crew have mellowed. "MHS" opens the Sheep Among Wolves album, appropriately with Schwab taking an inhale before unleashing the fury that comes immediately after. If it were possible, it feels as though the singer's face is right on the other side of the speakers ready to get up in your grill as the band delivers a rhythmic, but frenetic backing. Eventually, the song evolves into crashing waves of heaviness, ebbing with furious rage until a melodic mid-song breakdown.

"How many bands make 10 records?," ponders Schwab. "And how many bands can confidently say their later releases can even compete with their earlier material? We honestly believe these songs are strong enough to turn the ear of even the most apathetic listeners who still have a place in their hearts reserved for rock music."

"Apathetic" is one thing Project 86 likely won't have to worry about, as they've built a dedicated fan base over the years who invested in the new album via a PledgeMusic campaign. "We are nothing without our supporters," state the band. "We think we have given them, along with anyone who would listen, a collection of songs which will be enjoyed for months and years to come."

You can find "MHS" on the Sheep Among Wolves album, which is due Dec. 5. You can currently pre-order the effort via the aforementioned PledgeMusic campaign. And stay tuned for dates coming in support of the new album. Keep up with the band via their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Project 86, Sheep Among Wolves

Project 86
Project 86