Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department on Monday (Feb. 20) after reportedly trespassing at one of his former homes, now owned by another individual who captured the moment on video and shared it on TikTok.

The news was first reported by RadarOnline.com, who cited the alleged criminal trespassing and records on the Inmate Information Center for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department shows that Scantlin was indeed taken into custody at 12:33PM for a misdemeanor violation on Monday.

On TikTok, Ann McFerran, founder and CEO of the Glamnetic beauty brand, shared a video showing a black Hummer vehicle parked diagonally in front of a garage at her home with an obscured occupant inside.

Text laid over the video reads, "When you walk down your driveway to catch an Uber and find a stranger camped outside and then realize it's a famous rock singer who had his house foreclosed on (and has been arrested several times before) and was coming back to claim the house so you have to call the police [because] he begins to threaten the maid you hired and then he gets arrested [because it] turns out he has an active order against him."

Scantlin, of course, has an extensive arrest record, including a 2016 incident where he was arrested for vandalism after doing damage to the property and on-site surveillance equipment at a former home of his that had been foreclosed on.

"Okay, there's some random ass dude on my driveway right now [chortles]. Sir, why are you parked on my driveway? That's really weird," says McFerran while filming.

The vehicle appears to be the same make and model as the one Scantlin possessed when involved in a hit-and-run incident in 2013, as seen here and reported by TMZ. Two notable differences between the 2013 image of the Hummer and the one in the TikTok video above are the small grill in the front and the addition of a front license plate in the current day.

The Inmate Information Center also indicates that Scantlin was first held on $1,000 bond and then released on his own recognizance with expectations to appear in court on March 13 at 8:30AM.

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