Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin has been through his fair share of legal issues in recent years, but it seems as though he may finally be able to move past some of his troubles. TMZ reports the singer attended two separate court cases this past week, which have both been settled pretty neatly.

The first case related back to the singer's 2016 vandalism charge. Scantlin was offered a plea deal, and ended up taking it. He got off the charge with three years probation, and has to pay out $40,000 in fees and restitution. His other case involved his most recent charge where he attempted to board a plane with a BB gun. For that, Scantlin is facing 20 days of jail time, and is banned from LAX unless it involves his work.

TMZ posted footage of the 2016 vandalism charge, showing Scantlin being dragged outside of the house. He reportedly used a hatchet to smash a window, and trashed audio electronics, surveillance cameras and an alarm system in the house. Scantlin yelled, "Come on, this is my house, man" at police officers while being arrested. The singer's house had been foreclosed upon the prior year.

It's been a rocky couple of years for Scantlin. Earlier this year, he exited a Dallas show mid song after having a stare down with their drummer. Last year he was visited by the bomb squad after reportedly rigging up his car to look dangerous if anyone tried to break into his car. He was also arrested earlier this year for skipping his court date (and handcuffed just after walking off stage) and no-showed another date in court.

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