It's been several years, but Ra are ready to resume their career with their fourth studio album. The band, who last issued an album in 2008, will return Oct. 15 with 'Critical Mass.'

The group's original lineup of frontman/guitarist Sahaj Ticotin, bassist PJ Farley, guitarist Ben Carrol and drummer Skoota Warner is back intact for this latest album.

"I believe this record to be the most complete album we've ever made, but also the heaviest," says Ticotin. "There is a conscious effort here to be more respectful of hard rock/metal roots and less on being too touchy feely. I really wanted this record to feel intense, even on the more light hearted songs. For once I don't feel as if I compromised on any aspect of writing for this record."

The band's passionate fan base responded when they suggested another album might be in the offing. The group's fans chipped in $32,000 via a Kickstarter campaign that helped allow the band to pursue their musical vision. Ticotin admits it's a whole new way to go about making a record, and he was surprised by the experience.

"The Kickstarter was a surprise on many levels," added Ticotin. "Not only in the amount of money we raised, but mainly in the intensity of the demand. People were genuinely aggressive about making sure we made another record. As cliché as it sounds, without that level of energy, I don't know how well this record would have come out. Their passion directly inspired the songs on this record from beginning to end. It is truly amazing."

Check out the album's track listing and take a listen to the single 'Supermegadubstep' below. The 'Critical Mass' album can be pre-ordered at this location.

Listen to Ra's 'Supermegadubstep'

Ra, 'Critical Mass' Track Listing

1. 'Brutiful'
2. 'Awake'
3. 'Supermegadubstep'
4. 'It's All Over Now'
5. 'Anything U Want'
6. 'Won't Be Home Tonight'
7. 'Running Blind'
8. 'A Hollow Glow'
9. 'Ecstasy'
10. 'Tragic Empire'
11. 'Voices Inside My Head'
12. 'Through the Valley'
13. 'Crawling to the Sky'

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