Welcome back, Ra! The alt-metal outfit made their name in the 2000s first decade, but largely remained out of the spotlight during the 2010s. Now, after surprising fans at ShipRocked earlier this year, the original lineup of the band is back together and working on their first album in seven years.

The disc is titled Intercorrupted and at present it is awaiting a release date. However, the band has signed to indie label Wake Up! Music Rocks, who will release the record once it is ready.

Singer/guitarist Sahaj Ticotin has written for and produced other acts in recent years, but is back front and center with the current incarnation of Ra. He's joined by lead guitarist Ben Carroll, bassist P.J. Farley and drummer Skoota Warner. That was the lineup that also issued the band's debut disc, From One, back in 2002.

The band has released four studio albums, with the last being 2013's Critical Mass. They enjoyed solid rock radio play with the tracks "Do You Call My Name," "Fallen Angels," "Don't Turn Away" and "Broken Hearted Soul."

"When the idea of bringing back Ra to the current rock scene started to seem like a reality, I knew we needed a few things," shares Sahaj. "First, it had to be the original lineup. Having Skoota, Ben and PJ onstage with me was imperative. Secondly, we had to find a strategic partner who saw the potential -- not only for new music but for touring and merchandising. After being inactive for the last six years we knew we could not come out again half assed. This has to be real. This has to be intense. When Waylon [Revis] presented the opportunity to work with Wake Up Music and we began the dialogue, it was clear that he and Pepper understood how serious we are about taking this step."

Ticotin also revealed that the new album is currently in the works, adding, "We are extremely excited to move forward with this team and have great plans for the end of 2020 and into 2021!"

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