The end of last week was pretty huge for reunion announcements. My Chemical Romance? Rage Against the Machine? The world was pretty excited, and some recent YouTube stats prove it. Both bands have seen huge spikes in their YouTube views following the reunion announcements.

My Chemical Romance saw a 190 percent increase in views on Nov. 1 from their average daily views for the rest of 2019. The reunion was announced a day prior. Rage Against the Machine's daily YouTube views went up 99 percent, as compared to their prior daily averages for 2019.

My Chem's top viewed video on YouTube is "Welcome to the Black Parade" with 126 million views, and Rage's is "Killing in the Name" with 113 million.

My Chemical Romance announced their breakup in 2013, and last Thursday's reunion announcement was for a single Los Angeles show next month. However, they just announced more dates earlier today — see them here.

Rage Against the Machine, on the other hand, played their last show in 2011 and had a rather sporadic decade leading up to it with very few performances. The 2020 reunion was announced Nov. 1, confirming five dates as of now.

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