American alt-rock duo Local H have been forced to cancel a number of U.S. tour dates due to a physical attack on frontman Scott Lucas, which left the musician with serious throat injuries. Following a show in Moscow, Russia, last month, Lucas was the victim of a mugging, which left the frontman with no phone, wallet, cash and passport, along with no voice after being choked unconscious.

Formed in Zion, Illinois, Local H have been making music since 1990. During the band's 23 years, Local H have released seven studio albums, five EPs and one live album, scoring their biggest hit in 1996 with the track 'Bound to the Floor,' which remains a staple on hard rock radio. Scott Lucas took to the band's official Facebook page to apologize for the three-show cancellation, describing the Russian mugging and its aftermath in great detail.

Lucas writes the following account of the mugging incident and show cancellations, referring to other artists who have recently had difficulties with their tours, as well:

First Morrissey, then Animal Collective, and now this......After weighing all of our options, it looks like we're going to have to cancel the first 3 dates of the Local H tour - that's March 21, 22, and 23. We don't take this decision lightly and we're deeply sorry for it.

Here's what happened : A month ago, after a date in Moscow, I was assaulted and robbed. The attacker came up from behind and put me in a chokehold until I passed out. When I came to, I was in a stairwell with all of my pockets empty. No phone, no wallet, no cash, and (worst of all) no passport. Nothing. Even my hat and glasses were gone. It wasn't until I found someone to ask for help that I realized something else was gone - my voice. When I opened my mouth to ask that person to call me a taxi, nothing but a scratchy croak would come out. I touched my throat and could feel that more damage had been done than I initially thought. A purple bruise began to form. I was having trouble swallowing. Russia...........

When I got back to the states, I just figured that resting my voice and taking it easy would allow everything to return to normal. I'd lost my voice before and I knew the drill : shut the fuck up (basically). But it soon became apparent that this time my voice wasn't going to just heal itself and I had to see someone. The folks at MusiCares hooked me up with a voice doctor who found that one of my vocal cords had been damaged. How badly damaged, we're not sure yet - we need a second opinion. But the doctor said if they had to go in and POP(!) the cord back into place, then we have a limited window for that until the damage becomes permanent.

Which means there's really no way I could make the show in Grand Rapids without worrying about the long term effects - never mind the fact that my voice would totally suck. We feel horrible about this. As some of you out there may already know - we don't believe in canceling shows (and in reference to the above : if you somehow happen to be a fan of Morrissey, Animal Collective, AND us - then we're truly sorry to be piling on). So, yes - this fucking blows. But please believe that we're doing everything we can to correct this situation and to make sure we don't miss any more dates than absolutely necessary. Please stay tuned and we'll keep you up to date.

Again - we're so sorry.

Scott from Local H

Since that posting, Local H have gone on to cancel all gigs through March 30. For a full list of current Local H tour dates, click here.

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