May 16, 2015, marks the fifth anniversary of legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio‘s passing. To pay tribute to Ronnie and his contributions to the metal scene, we sat down with a bunch of today’s biggest names and invited them to share stories and thoughts about Ronnie James Dio.

In the video above, Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho shares his memories of Dio with Full Metal Jackie and recalls Ronnie's final appearance at the Revolver Golden Gods ceremony he hosted. "He loved music and he loved the guys in the bands and the girls in the bands and the industry so much that his last appearance was at a heavy metal awards show," says Jericho, who was impressed that he turned out given that he was ailing. "He must have weighed 70 pounds, I don't know. But he showed up, he got his award. He said 'Hi,' he hung out for a bit and he split."

But that's who Ronnie was, as was evidenced in his generosity throughout the years. Jericho reveals that Dio once told him, "Always give people their moment. You won't remember it, but they'll never forget it."

Jericho also shared an anecdote of meeting up with Ronnie on tour, asking for a photo and having it go horribly wrong. Check out Jericho's story in full in the video above and look for more 'Remembering Ronnie James Dio' videos from Loudwire. If you’re in the L.A. area, find about the memorial activities taking place in honor of Ronnie James Dio this coming weekend (May 15-17) here.

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