May 16, 2015, marks the fifth anniversary of legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio‘s passing. To pay tribute to Ronnie and his contributions to the metal scene, we sat down with a bunch of today’s biggest names and invited them to share stories and thoughts about Ronnie James Dio.

In this clip, Full Metal Jackie talks with Korn guitarist Munky about the late legend. Munky never actually got to meet Dio in person, but growing up, the future Korn axeman was a big fan. Munky recalls seeing the Dio band on its Last in Line tour.

Munky had his mind blown by the visual elements Dio incorporated into a live show, including Egyptian-like sculptures onstage that shot lasers.

Munky found Ronnie to be godlike onstage, and to this day, Ronnie is still the greatest heavy metal singer of all time, according to Munky. The guitarist says, "For that metal style, that guy forever will be the king."

Watch Munky pay tribute to Dio in the video above and look out for more 'Remembering Ronnie James Dio' videos from Loudwire. If you're in the L.A. area, find about the memorial activities taking place in honor of Ronnie James Dio this weekend (May 15-17) here.

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