Unsettling news to report on Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody. According to TMZ, the singer's wife, Holly Smith, has filed for divorce, claiming Moody was violent during their marriage.

TMZ apparently obtained divorce documents, and the details are disturbing to say the least. The website reports that while at a hotel room in Las Vegas, Smith accused Moody of infidelity after finding texts on his phone from various other women. After eventually going to bed, Smith alleges that she woke to find that Moody had put her in a jiujitsu submission hold, and then claims he punched her repeatedly and choked her with a blanket. Moody was apparently arrested in Vegas for domestic violence but charges were dropped.

TMZ continues by claiming the divorce documents contain photos of Holly Smith with a bloody eye and burst blood vessels, among other injuries.

Holly Smith is asking for financial support from Moody, who by Smith's testimony, earns roughly $66,000 per month with Five Finger Death Punch. This adds up to $792,000 each year.

Stay tuned as more details emerge from this story.

Update: Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory has tweeted about the story, claiming that the TMZ report is false. Check out his tweet below.

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