Rev Theory have been forced to cancel all dates on their fall itinerary after a freak accident to Julien Jorgensen's left (non-strumming) hand has left he guitarist unable to play. Rev Theory were scheduled to hit the stage of the 48 Hours Festival Saturday in Las Vegas, followed by a run on the Share the Welt Tour with headliners Five Finger Death Punch, as well as All That Remains and Hatebreed.

"While at a post-wedding reception gathering, an individual standing adjacent to Jorgensen was opening a beer bottle without an opener," explains a press release. "It slipped, shattered on the edge, and sliced the guitarist’s left hand on the follow through. The resulting cut has been operated on, and he is unable to perform at this time. A full recovery is expected."

Jorgensen himself adds, “I am super bummed that happened, and it is a freak accident. It is a helpless feeling. I feel bad about dropping off the tour and disappointing the fans. As soon as I am able, we will be back on the road.”

Sometimes bands will soldier on with a temporary replacement when they find themselves in similar situations, but Rev Theory never even considered a move like that. “After being a band for 10 years, Rev does not feel comfortable taking the stage without our brother as it would not be a true representation of the band," says singer Rich Luzzi.

Rev Theory's updated itinerary will be posted as soon as more information is available. Five Finger Death Punch's Share the Welt Tour is expected to go on without Rev Theory, kicking off Sunday in San Francisco.