Update: Jared Dines has removed his “Fake Guitarists on Instagram?!” video and offered an apology to Mann:

After years of online criticism for allegedly speeding up his guitar parts, Rings of Saturn’s Lucas Mann has released a 42-minute YouTube video to clear his name. The main catalyst for Mann’s video, however, is YouTuber Jared Dines, who called out the Rings of Saturn musician in his own clip on “fake guitarists.”

Mann goes into extreme detail regarding his rig, gear and techniques he uses to create such a clean tone. He also goes on to debunk theories that he mimes his parts live. Though Rings of Saturn do play to backing guitar and bass tracks to thicken their live sound, Mann denies using them to fake his own parts.

Jared Dines included the shredder in his “Fake Guitarists on Instagram?!” video, reacting to a solo play-through of Mann’s “Warm Up Legato Shred.” “When things sound too perfect, we don’t believe them to be true,” Dines says. “Human hands aren’t perfect, right? We make noise, there’s clunks and clanks. When you don’t hear any of that, but just perfect flawless playing, you know it’s either heavily edited or probably manipulated in one way or another.”

Mann, who has collaborated with Dines before, explains that he views the YouTuber’s video as a part of “callout culture.” “I absolutely have nothing but respect for Jared Dines. I love what he does,” Mann begins. “At the same time, as much as I consider him a friend, I do kind of feel betrayed.”

“When I see him on comment threads just blatantly telling people that I am miming live, never contacting me beforehand, never getting any information about whether I was or not, it’s very concerning because it’s just not true. It’s even more concerning that the entire comment thread got deleted.”

Mann posted the deleted comment thread along with private messages between himself and Dines. The guitarist also reveals he lost an endorsement opportunity due to being called out, along with receiving death threats and a potential lawsuit.

“It’s super hypocritical for these YouTubers to go out there and, without any information, make videos — and call people out — that could totally be wrong, but damage other people’s careers with no regard for their mental health just for views and clicks and ad revenue and followers,” Mann proclaims.

Watch Lucas Mann’s full video below. Rings of Saturn released their newest album, Gidim, earlier this year. To grab a copy of the record, click here.

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