All festivals have a list of items that are prohibited from being brought onto the grounds by fans during the event, but Riot Fest has quite a... peculiar one on theirs. And they've responded to people asking why it's not allowed.


Someone took a screenshot of the banned items on their website, and in addition to air horns, audio and video equipment, bicycles and rollerblades, chairs and CM Punk (who apparently did something), cantaloupe is also listed. "Can I ask about the cantaloupe?" the person who posted the screenshot asked.

"It knows what it did," Riot Fest responded mysteriously.

Upon searching a little, Riot Fest has apparently had a vendetta against the type of melon as early as 2016, writing "Cantaloupe sucks" on a fake tour poster they shared on Twitter (back when it was Twitter). After a few people responded to the tweet questioning why cantaloupe was mentioned, Riot Fest replied, "Cantaloupe is a garbage fruit. It is banned from Riot Fest for being garbage."

As noted in the FAQ section of the festival's website, no outside food is technically allowed on the festival grounds, unless it's for a medical reason. So if you want fruit, you'll have to check with some of the vendors that'll be there — but no cantaloupe is allowed.

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See the tweets below.

The 18th Riot Fest will be held Sept. 15 through the 17 at Chicago's Douglass Park. Foo Fighters, The Cure, Queens of the Stone Age, The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie are among the headliners for the event. Passes are still available for purchase on the festival's website.

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