Here at Loudwire, we can't get enough of Rob Scallon and his peculiar and often humorous metal videos. The YouTube star has previously dazzled with the fully-functioning one-string guitar fashioned from a shovel, playing an original song and a Rage Against the Machine cover. Now he's really outdone himself and tackled Megadeth's "Holy Wars... the Punishment Due" on the eyebrow-raising instrument.

Scallon's previous shovel-related musings were impressive, but pale in comparison to the technical prowess of the Megadeth classic. Dave Mustaine revolutionized the thrash genre with the release of Rust in Peace, very much needing all the strings of his guitar to complete the masterwork. Here, Scallon rips off lead after lead, dressed as a throwback version of Mustaine, decked out in a blonde wig, bare torso, tight white pants and a bullet belt.

The fretless shovel demonstrates just how impressive of a musician Scallon is, able to find all the proper notes along the makeshift instrument. To help play some of the leads, Scallon uses a shot glass as a guitar slide, giving an unexpected sound that is jarring at first, but the sheer entertainment value quickly subdues any critical notions. Joining Scallon on the cover is Leo Moracchioli, who does a fine Mustaine impersonation, taking on a portion of the vocals to "Holy Wars."

During a round of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine cleared the air about the inspiration from the song. While it was said the idea for the track was sparked after an incident at a show in Ireland, the frontman corrects the misinformation, telling the story in tremendous detail, which can be seen below.

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