As if Rob Zombie wasn’t busy enough currently engrossed in recording a new disc, finishing up his latest movie ‘The Lords of Salem,’ directing an AMDRO ant bait commercial and gearing up for a co-headlining tour with Megadeth, he recently joined forces with the newly launched Nerdist Channel to debut a new comedy series called ‘My Name Is Eugene.'

According to the Nerdist Channel, the new series ‘My Name is Eugene’ “follows the sad and hilarious life of Eugene S. Van Dekak, an angry, sex-starved television repairman living in Eagle Rock, California."

While Zombie’s level of involvement hasn’t been disclosed in great detail, Eugene does seem to be a bit of a songwriter. The clip below gives you sneak peek at his abilities accompanied by the description, “Cry not for our hapless hero, Eugene has dreams beyond broken electronics and his lost love Julie… he dreams of the big time. What exactly his idea of the big time is, well you will have to tune in and find out.”

If you’re wondering what the new Nerdist Channel is all about, they’ve wrapped it up in this statement, “If you're passionate about comedy, gaming, music, comic books, puppets and magic, then you are going to find hours of video rapture here. If not, then the robots have already won.”

Watch a Clip of ‘My Name Is Eugene’