Rob Zombie just released 'The Zombie Horror Picture Show' concert DVD along with a companion book, but there's no "stop" in the rocker-director's vocabulary. Zombie just played a number of late spring festivals, with more dates coming later this year. Oh, and there's also work in progress on a new album, not to mention his film career.

Zombie took a few moments to speak with 'Loudwire Nights' host Full Metal Jackie at the recent Welcome to Rockville festival and he discussed why a Rob Zombie concert DVD has not happened prior. He also shared a few outdoor festival tips and gave an update on his next album. Check out Rob Zombie's chat with Full Metal Jackie below.

In the past, you've always been reluctant to release a live DVD -- did something happen that changed your mind?

Being filmed annoys me, with still films or cameras it gets on my nerves, and I always think this will be a great idea, and then after two seconds I am like, "Get that f---ing camera out of my face." It just drives me crazy. So I would always procrastinate.

Then we did it back in 2007 I think. We took someone on the road for the whole tour, one of the guys that made one of my movies, and then after that people quit the band and it all fell apart. And I was like, "Now this is outdated and meaningless." So, really the reasoning became that I thought the [current] lineup was solid. I couldn't see anyone leaving for any particular reason. So I thought now is the time to do it. The summer that we filmed the show [2013 Mayhem Festival] I go, "The show can't get any bigger because we literally can't fit it on the stages anymore. So now is the time you know? We aren't getting any younger so now would be good."

The live show. There's always so much cool stuff up onstage. When you're up that close, do you ever revert to your childhood and say, "This is so cool!"?

Literally no. It's like a blur because I am looking at things from the complete wrong perspective. I am like, "Why is this taking so long? Why is it stuck? What's wrong with this thing? That's broken. This is falling apart." I am never thinking, "Wow this is so cool." Later, if I can watch the video, I might go, "Wow look at how cool that is," but as it's happening -- no, never.

I would like to have that frame of mind. More so now we stripped down the show a couple of months ago when we did the 'Night of the Living Dreads' with Korn that was actually more fun to play without all the stuff because then I could just get swept up in the crowd and the show. There wasn't so many things to worry about technically to deal with because that's really what's going through my mind with the big show.

How is it important to you after a long weekend of people being exhausted, bands playing out here in the sun, that fans are re-energized for your performance?

That's what you hope for but if they're not, you can't blame them. Like in the early days you might get upset like, "Oh my god, people aren't going crazy" and now I really understand why. Especially after all of these years of doing Ozzfest and all of these things, I would see the crowd when Black Sabbath and Ozzy would come on and they're just beat and that's the reason they are there for the most part. And they are still half dead or passed out in their chairs in a puddle of vomit somewhere. So the fact that they can stand out there for 5 minutes, let alone 12 hours is phenomenal.

That's something we've been talking to bands about this weekend. We're asking bands what are some tips for how to survive a rock show that is a long day like today.

I don't know. I have never done it myself, I really couldn't tell ya. It's just like, "Listen to your mom. Get some sunblock for Christ's sake." If I have to see one more person that looks like their nose is going to fall off and it's bright red. I am just like, "Really you are like 40 years old and you don't know about sunblock by now. It's like cancer running wild all over your face. Get a hat or something!

Rob Zombie says listen to your mom!

'Cause obviously you are too stupid to figure it out on your own! Maybe water mixed with the alcohol could help? But do whatever you want. What do I care?

Good one, just as long as you walk out of here alive at the end of the day.

Yeah that's a bonus for sure, but even that...

What's the plan for the rest of the year for you?

Well the plan for the rest of the year, this is a real short run, and then we are going to go back and continue on the album. We started a new album in December, and then we do that for about a month. Then we head to Europe for the Summer. We knock through Europe for the summer. It's kind of like half festivals and half headlining shows, and then we come back to the States and do some more gigs in the fall. I will probably be starting a new movie and will probably be shutting down the music for a while.

Any idea when the new album will come out?

No, probably early next year. I don't know, it will come out as soon as someone steals it. As soon as someone at the record label has a copy it will come out.

Thanks for taking the time!

Our thanks to Rob Zombie for the interview. 'The Zombie Horror Picture Show' is currently available at this location. Find out where you can see him on tour this summer here. You can listen to ‘Loudwire Nights’ with host Full Metal Jackie Monday through Friday at 7PM through Midnight on more than 20 stations across America. To find out where you can hear ‘Loudwire Nights,’ click here.

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