You may not recognize the name Nolan Neal, but the singer has ties to a number of radio rock bands and is hoping for his shot at the big time after earning a four chair turn on The Voice.

Neal is probably best known for a brief stint singing with Hinder after Austin Winkler exited the band. He initially sang on the track "Hit the Ground," but the group eventually pulled in Marshal Dutton as their new vocalist before releasing the When the Smoke Clears album. He's also toured and written with Shinedown, Saliva and Tonic among other acts, but after his time with Hinder, the singer decided to explore a path as an independent artist.

Last spring, Neal tried out for The Voice, performing Incubus' "Drive" but failed to turn a single chair. Feeling that the song didn't provide the best representation for his voice but seeing the promise, the coaches urged him to come back and with his performance of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer," seen in the video above, he got all four coaches to turn this time.

Neal seemed much more at ease and in his comfort zone, and by the second stanza, both Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, coaches who were part of the previous season, turned for Neal. The response elicited a smile and a point from the singer as he continued on. A power note later in the performance caught Miley Cyrus' attention, with Alicia Keys getting in toward the end as well. By the end, all four coaches were giving Neal a standing ovation. While all of the coaches fought hard for Neal, he eventually chose to join Adam Levine's team.

During his pre-performance package last spring, Neal shared a story of losing his father to suicide and how their final conversation revolved around the singer getting upset when his father pointed out how he never stayed on his recording contracts for too long. After the argument, he ignored his father's calls and never got a chance to speak to him before his death. That traumatic experience led him to step away from music, enter rehab and return with a new focus. This time around, Neal spoke about the overwhelming response he got from sharing his story, and how he hoped to turn a chair for his son. Neal turned four and will now see how far he can advance in the new season.

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