Scorpions already count Mikkey Dee among their ranks, so when guitarist Phil Campbell came out to join the band at the Rock Fest in Barcelona this weekend, it gave fans a Motorhead reunion of sorts. With Dee and Campbell in tow, the German rock vets decided to pay homage to the late Lemmy Kilmister covering the Motorhead song "Overkill." Fan-shot footage can be viewed above.

Scorpions vocalist Klaus Meine addressed the crowd, stating, "We shared the stage together so many times and what can I say. It's about time to pay respect for a dear friend, the late Lemmy, so this is what it's all about." Then kicking off the song, he turned to Dee on the drumkit, adding, "C'mon Mikkey, give it all you've got."

As you can see in the video, the screen behind the band featured a prominent photo of Lemmy, bringing the trio together again in a sense. In the year following Kilmister's death, Dee eventually joined Scorpions as the band and their drummer James Kottak had decided to part ways.

Phil Campbell, meanwhile, has gone on to perform and record as part of Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons.

Scorpions are currently on tour in Europe. See all of their dates here.

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