Scott Weiland remains astray from the two bands he's most been associated with, but the rocker says he's focused on continuing his career with his new band The Wildabouts. Still, the questions pop up about potential reunions with Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver and Weiland has addressed them in a new interview.

When asked by iChill about his thoughts concerning Stone Temple Pilots, he explained, "I'm really committed to what I'm doing right now. There are memories I have that will always be close to my heart, but as far as will there ever be anything again with STP? It's very hard to say. I've learned to never say never in this business, but at this juncture, I'm 100 percent focused on my band The Wildabouts, making a record with them and being the leader of that band."

As for Stone Temple Pilots' work with Chester Bennington, Weiland indirectly addressed that during a question about potentially rejoining Velvet Revolver. He started by explaining he had no idea if he would return, before wryly adding, "I heard they're auditioning new singers again. Maybe I should go to the cattle call. It's a difficult situation. You've got the guys from Velvet Revolver and Guns N' Roses in a band. Who's really going to [step in]? We did make it work and see success, but it's hard."

He then added, "It's like STP hiring Chester Bennington. They made an album and it sold 35,000 units. That's kind of unbelievable considering STP sold over 40 million and I'm sure Chester's band Linkin Park has sold pretty much the same amount. It didn't work, though. People weren't buying into it." Stone Temple Pilots recently spent some time with Bennington in the studio as they work toward another release.

Weiland also says he doesn't see it as all that weird that Stone Temple Pilots recently spent some time in the studio with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, adding that the DeLeo brothers did some writing sessions with Aerosmith right after 'Core' was released. So for them to indulge some time with Tyler isn't that far of a reach.