Though he's received plenty of his own adulation for his vocal abilities over the years, Sebastian Bach recently got a chance to express his fandom of Journey's Steve Perry at a recent birthday party for Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell.

"Hard to put into words how much I love this picture," starts Bach in a recent photo posting featuring himself with Perry. "I don't print out many of the pictures I see or post on the internet, but this will be one of them. Got to spend the afternoon with one of my top two favorite singers on the planet, Steve Perry of Journey fame."

While hanging at Cantrell's birthday bash, Bach says of Perry, "It was so great to see him again. We talked about the last time we saw each other which was way back in 1991 the day that Nikki Sixx asked me to join Motley Crue at their rehearsal in Hollywood California. That day Steve Perry was there and introduced me to his daughter which he told me she still talks about to this day haha!"

Bach adds, "It was incredible to see Steve who looked exactly the same as he always has and talk about how his vocals have helped me over the years. When I get ready to go on tour I warm up to Steve Perry's incredible singing and it's helped me expand my range over the years as you can hear on my last couple of studio records. Steve's voice is so incredible to listen to and such an inspiration to all vocalists worldwide. What a great day + what a great man! Thank you again to Jerry Cantrell happy birthday dude!" See the post below.

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