Sebastian Bach is back for another round of 'Sing Your Face Off' antics. The rocker has been taking part in the ABC music competition, which finds the competitors doing their best to look like, sound like and embody the mannerisms of certain well known music artists. And this week, it's Bach's turn to take on country music legend Willie Nelson.

After performing as Maroon 5's Adam Levine and Lady Gaga in the past two episodes, Bach now gets the chance to leave the pop music field and put his long flowing locks and powerful pipes to work as a country artist. The song choice for this week's performance is Nelson's oft-covered classic, 'Always on My Mind' and the full performance can be seen above courtesy of Access Hollywood (click here if you can't view the clip above on mobile).

Bach does a solid job of incorporating the look and it's not as though there's as much choreography involved in covering Willie Nelson as there was in taking on Levine or Gaga. But when you have pipes like Sebastian Bach, it's hard to hold that down and though he's attempting to mimic Nelson, there's definitely some Sebastian coming through.

Be sure to tune in to ABC's 'Sing Your Face Off' Saturday night (June 7) at 9PM ET to see Bach's full transformation and how the judges react to his performance.