What would Five Finger Death Punch look and sound like with Tommy Vext on vocals? The folks in Tilburg got a little taste of that earlier this week during the band's ill-fated show, but the first audience to get a full show with Vext was the crowd at the Nova Rock Festival in Austria Wednesday night (June 14).

As you can see in the fan-shot footage above and below, Vext kept the energy high, the audience engaged and had the power in his vocals that kept in consistency with what fans might normally expect from Five Finger Death Punch. You can see fan-shot footage of Vext singing on "Jekyll and Hyde" above and "The Bleeding" and "Coming Down" below.

Vext has stepped in to help Five Finger Death Punch complete their European tour after Ivan Moody took leave from the band while admitting that he had once again "fallen off the wagon." Moody was a late arrival to the stage during the show in Tilburg in the Netherlands and during the band's set he stated to the crowd that it was his last show with the band before making a throat-slit gesture. A day later FFDP announced a late year European co-headlining tour and chalked up the onstage blowup to the element of danger and unpredictability that they've displayed in their shows. They added, "When you do over 150 shows in a year, you will inevitably have a few derailments, but the train always keeps on moving."

In other Five Finger Death Punch news, during a recent chat with Kerrang!, guitarist Jason Hook and drummer Jeremy Spencer spoke about the band's ongoing lawsuit with Prospect Park and how its affected the release of their next album. Hook explains, "The owner of the label [Prospect Park] Jeff Kwatinetz… He’s the one who is making the decision to not release the record. He’s had it since Dec. 31. So if anyone out there wants to get in touch with him.”

Spencer later states in the interview, "We have a new record. It’s been done for several months. And we’re tied up in a lawsuit with our label. So we can’t release it because we’re being sued for some reason which I don’t even really understand why. He’s [Jeff Kwatinetz] trying to jam us up so we can’t leave the label. But he’s going to lose and once we get that sorted out the record will come out.”

Hook later added, "It really doesn’t affect us at all. I mean we’re touring now, making a lot of money. And there’s no… But the thing is, we’re never going to stop working. We’re workaholics and we have our fanbase. And if that record has to sit with him for five years, it won’t matter. We have a new label and we have a new deal and we’ll continue to make records with that label and he can release that when he feels like it.” Hook explained that regardless of the lawsuit, they are still recording music and writing and can afford to keep doing so. Check out the rest of the Kerrang! interview in the video below.

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