Sepultura are one of metal's more enduring acts, and the band's history is the focus of a new documentary called Sepultura Endurance that will premiere in Los Angeles later this month.

The film will receive its world premiere on Sunday, May 21 at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, with the band on hand for a Q&A session that will follow the movie. In addition to interviews and rare archival footage featuring the group, you'll also see interviews with legends like Lars Ulrich and Scott Ian as well as younger artists influenced by the band like Slipknot's Corey Taylor. A trailer for the film can be viewed above.

“I’m very happy and excited that the Sepultura movie is finally done," says Andreas Kisser. "It is an amazing achievement from the director Otavio Juliano and the producer Luciana Ferraz from the Interface Films. Otavio followed the band on the road, on the studio and collected amazing statements from many people who are or were a part of this fantastic history."

He continues, "Sepultura Endurance shows a story of this Brazilian band who conquered the world, suffered the ups and downs of a unique career that are still going strong. He filmed the historical show we did in Sao Paulo in 2015 for the celebrations of the 30th year anniversary tour and that’s the central line of the whole history, our music! Through the music, we tell this story. We invite you to enter this time machine and explore the SepulHistory with no dramas or sensationalism. See you all at the Regent Theater on May 21. Enjoy the ride!”

Director Otavio Juliano states, “I had been filming the band Sepultura for the better part of 2010-2016, a time of tension and triumph for the band celebrating 30 years. Nothing has been off limits. The band gave me complete access, every door was open, I was never asked to leave. Endurance is an honest portrait of Sepultura: part concert film, part testimonial to the power of music, part intimate insider-hang and great archival footage."

He adds, "Ultimately, the film is a testament to the endurance required to make a documentary for almost seven years, taking itself 800 hours of footage to complete. When you’re filming cinema verite style, you’re following the story as it’s unfolding and you don’t know the destination. Sepultura Endurance has been a great journey."

The Sepultura Endurance screening will start at 1PM PT at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles on May 21. For additional information and to purchase tickets, check here.

Sepultura Endurance Premiere Poster

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