System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian has unleashed a new song called 'Total Paranoia,' which appears on the accompanying soundtrack album to the video game 'Batman: Arkham City.'

Tankian delivers 'Total Paranoia' with his distinct operatic voice, and the verses are reminiscent of SOAD's more melodic tunes. However, this tune is not a hard rock track, as it never kicks into a chaotically intense chorus that often drives System's songs.

With no drum track, 'Total Paranoia' is a spellbinding opus that is driven by a bass guitar and keyboards. The song maintains its mid-tempo pace throughout, leaving Tankian's voice in the spotlight for the duration of the tune.

The tune begins with a stream of voices whispering lines and singing until Tankian takes over with his verses: "Stop by your nightmare / On a dark road today / Such a wind through his white hair / Such a grin on his face."

Backed by female vocals, Tankian showcases his upper register on the chorus: "Ready or not / It's like total paranoia / Anything you say / He can twist his way / It's really too much / It's like total paranoia / Anywhere you go / He is sure to know."

'Total Paranoia' is as beautiful and haunting a song you'll hear by member of the hard rock community, and its place on the 'Batman: Arkham City' soundtrack adds a dark and eerie element that often follows the "Caped Crusader" on his journeys.

The 'Batman: Arkham City' soundtrack drops Oct. 4, while the video game comes out Oct. 18.

Listen to Serj Tankian, 'Total Paranoia'