Sevendust are back to rock us with their latest single 'Decay,' and now there's a haunting new video for the track to go along with the song.

The band sets up shop in a rather spooky house, while the look of old film stock gives it that extra ounce of dark atmosphere. Each of the band members are seen entering the house and setting up shop in different rooms, with a rather dooming fate befalling "most" of them.

The key word there is "most." Frontman Lajon Witherspoon recently told us, "My part -- I was supposed to get beat up but that got cut out because the sunlight went down and the scene wouldn’t look the same so I just did a performance part. I’m the only one that didn’t get anything really done, I’m just rocking out up in there. [Laughs]"

He goes on to add, "It was a great experience. It’s funny, the kid who wanted to do my makeup and prosthetic stuff was upset and he was like, 'Man, well this was made just for you so you could have it,' so I have this little bag of cuts and bruises."

'Decay' is featured on the band's 'Black Out the Sun' album (read our review here), which arrives in stores today. Fans can order the disc here.

Watch Sevendust's 'Decay' Video