When you think "rose," you also think "red," and that also applies in the hard rock world, where Candlelight Red have just landed Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose to produce their next EP.

Rose first crossed paths with the upstart rockers during Sevendust's recent tour with Candlelight Red, and he immediately created a bond with the band. "I was able to get familiar with their music and build a friendship with some of the band members," says Rose. "So when they approached me with a desire for me to produce them, I jumped at the opportunity. After talking about what our goals were for the recording, we were happy to realize our goals were one and the same." The drummer says he was keen on capturing the band's live sound and is "beyond excited" to get the songs finished and ready for their fans to hear.

Candlelight Red guitarist Jeremy Edge, says, "We are beyond pumped to have Morgan worked with us! He is not only one of the world's most phenomenal rock drummers. He is a guy that really gets what the sound and energy of our band is all about. We are going to have some of the most intense CR material our fans have heard yet!" The EP sessions will commence shortly at Arkitekt Studios in Butler, N.J.

While we wait for new music, Candlelight Red continue to do well with their debut full-length. 'The Wreckage' is thriving thanks to the band's latest single, 'She's Got the Look,' which is a cover of the Roxette pop hit. The group will join Crossfade for a June tour, and are also part of the Uproar Festival this summer.