Sevendust are currently ramping up to their latest studio album, 'Black Out the Sun,' but singer Lajon Witherspoon is also mapping out his future beyond that disc. The frontman will follow in the footsteps of some of his bandmates by planning a side project during the group's next break.

Speaking with, the vocalist explained, "Once this album has taken its course and Sevendust slows down again, I'll start working on my solo stuff. I feel that life and music is like a chess game, and so I'm waiting to make my next move."

Talking about the sound, he explains, "I think it will always have that Sevendust sound to it. When I sing and people hear my voice, I have to believe they'll compare it to Sevendust, which I don't mind because that's where my roots are. But I think my stuff will definitely have rock and a lot more soul. Sevendust has a groove, but I think I'll be a little bit different, and I plan on not shutting the door to anyone who would want to work with me. I'm a lover of music and it doesn't have to be just one way for everything."

But before a Witherspoon solo effort comes to fruition, he figures on spending plenty of time touring in support of the 'Black Out the Sun' album. The disc drops March 26, featuring the lead single 'Decay.' The band just shot a video for the track this past week.

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