2019 is ending on high note for Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery and his recent work will continue to pay dividends into the new year. Lowery, who will release his solo album God Bless the Renegades on Jan. 31, reveals that Sevendust are closing in on a new album as well.

Speaking with Cutter and Kaytie of Wisconsin's Razor 94.7 and 104.7, the guitarist revealed, "I'm actually done [recording for Sevendust's album]. I just finished my last thing a few days ago, and Lajon [Witherspoon} has, like, one more song to sing. And then I'll be sending a couple things, like last-minute things, but we're pretty much wrapped on that thing."

He continued, "We're gonna sit on it for a while. We may record a little bit more in the spring, but I think we're done. And I'm really pumped up about it; I think it's gonna be killer."

Lowery will balance both his solo work and Sevendust in 2020, revealing that while the Sevendust record is nearly complete, he does have space to promote his solo record.

"Sevendust will come out summer of 2020, so I'll have a little bit of a hole to kind of do my thing for a while," he explained. "Sevendust needs to go away for a little bit; we can't just stay out. And I think everyone understands that. So it'll be good to give that a break, so we can come back recharged for that."

Before Sevendust "goes away," they have booked a number of tour dates for the month of December. See their scheduled stops here.

Sevendust started recording for their 13th studio album earlier this year, joining producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette in Florida to put the record together.

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