Shinedown are just one day away from releasing their highly anticipated new album Threat to Survival, but they have one more song to preview before it arrives and they've teamed up with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the new song "Dangerous."

If you've ever needed a kick in the pants, this song should motivate you, as vocalist Brent Smith emerges from the opening piano and slow build of the song to declare that he's not one to passively let life pass him by without making his presence felt. "I'll never be voiceless / My weapon of choice is / I'd rather be dangerous," boasts the singer. It's just the latest song from the album to dabble in the ideas of surviving in the modern world.

Smith recently told Full Metal Jackie, "Survival is a major theme in this record and I’ve just seen music through so many different things from before I was in a band that was out in the world and people knew who I was and [who] the band was, even at the young age of 6 years old, 10 years old, I watched how music could take a bad situation and make it great. Or it can take a moment when you’re unbelievably just engulfed by sadness and there’s a song that comes out of nowhere or you can put a song on and it just changes your mood instantaneously."

He added, "I’ve also seen music heal people. I really have. I’ve seen it bring people back from just ultimate despair. Not unlike myself, where there was a time in my life where a lot of people around me were scared for my own existence. They were like, ‘I don’t know how much time this guy has left, because he’s trying to kill himself.’ If anyone knows my history knows I’ve dealt with a lot of different demons as a lot of people have dealt with. But had it not been for music and the artistry of song, it’s something that like my son and my band and my family, music has saved my life on a lot of different levels as I know it’s saved a lot of peoples lives."

"Dangerous" follows on the heels of other Threat to Survival songs like the chart-topping single "Cut the Cord," as well as "Black Cadillac," "State of My Head" and "Outcast." You can currently pre-order the disc via iTunes and receive each of the songs immediately.

Shinedown will be playing songs from the new Threat to Survival album on tour with Breaking Benjamin and Sevendust this fall. Dates for the run can be found at this location.

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