After 18 long years, Simple Plan have checked off another milestone as their debut single, "I'm Just A Kid" recently went Platinum. Thanks to going viral on the social media site TikTok, the song has amassed millions of plays from around the world, ultimately surpassing the RIAA's qualifications for the achievement.

For a song to reach certified Platinum status, it has to sell 1 million copies, with 150 streams equalling one single unit. According to the RIAA, "I'm Just A Kid" did just that on Tuesday, May 26.

The song was released as part of Simple Plan's 2002 album No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls. According to Billboard, the album peaked at No. 35 in the U.S. in January 2004.

In regards to the song's popularity on TikTok, over 3 million people have used it in their videos. In the viral challenge, users recreate old family photos and then compare them to the original.

"It's pretty incredible to watch a song we wrote almost 20 years ago bring people together and make them smile," the band said in a tweet back in April. "We love seeing every family, sibling, kid, parent, couple and pet owner taking part in the #imjustakid challenge on #TikTok and sharing these amazing videos."

Additionally, the band themselves used the viral challenge to recreate a photo they took back in 2002.

You can check out more TikTok creations featuring the Simple Plan anthem here.

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