Sinsaenum, the new death metal group spearheaded by DragonForce‘s Frédéric Leclercq, released their debut record, Echoes of the Tortured, earlier this year in late July. The supergroup featuring former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, Mayhem's Attila Csihar and Daath's Sean Zatorsky among others have just released a lyric video for the sinister track "Anfang des Albtraumes."

The song opens up with four snare strikes before a slimey Morbid Angel-esque lead slithers around, picking up intensity when Jordison's blast beats enter the fold. Dropping out in favor of crafting a more dissonant, eerie atmosphere and haunting spoken word moments, "Anfang des Albtraumes" finally finds the verse. Volleying between tempos with a loose, serpentine song structure, the pace manhandles the listener sliding between windmill headbanging rhythms and tear-a-whole-in-the-sky moods aided by Attila's uniquely morbid voice.

Jordison talked about having two singers and what Attila adds in an interview with Loudwire, stating, "Atilla is literally kind of the frosting on the f—ing cake. Sean is pummeling right on beat and just pummeling your face, where Atilla is literally like a ghost, but he is kind of the one that makes that atmosphere on top of it. He’s got one of the most unique vocal styles of anyone, probably any metal vocalist, ever."

Speaking about the album with Billboard, Leclercq said, “The whole point of Echoes of the Tortured is to take the listeners on a journey. I want them to create their own story. We are just pointing at directions and it’s up to them to see what they want, to focus on what seems right. The whole album is like going down a spiral of darkness, passing different circles, different stages. We all have had nightmares that seem all so true and you realize it and want to escape but you can’t.”

The rest of Sinsaenum is comprised of Seth's Heimoth on bass and Loudblast's Stephane Buriez on guitar. The band previously released music videos for "Army of Chaos" as well as the gore-filled "Splendor and Agony."

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