Are you ready for the fourth incarnation of Ghost's Papa Emeritus? That is the question posed by Sister Imperator in a new video posted via the band's social media.

In the video seen above, Sister Imperator admonishes the band for continued "failures" in their world domination, but adds that she has faith in them. She explains, "Despite your weakness and your cowardliness, your failures, I still believe in you and I believe in you because I have seen the future. I've already been witness to three configurations and each time I can see that we are closer to the final glory."

As the clip continues, she teases the arrival of the "new coming," a fourth incarnation of Papa Emeritus. She admits to being moved by the band's music on occasion before eventually imploring, "The new coming is about to begin. Will you take up your instruments?"

In the past, the arrival of a new Papa Emeritus has coincided with the release of new music, and the band just completed their 2016 touring. So stay tuned to see what comes next from Ghost and it's time to "get ready" for the fourth Papa Emeritus.

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