Just in time for the weekend, the long-awaited Slayer '666' Red Ale is available from Nils Oscar Company! The announcement of a signature Slayer beer came all the way back in April so fans can finally imbibe with the help of one of metal's living legends. Oh, it might help if you live in Sweden, but there's ways around that!

That's right, the beer is only available in Sweden for now. Nils Oscar Company was founded in 1996 in Stockholm and has been decorated with multiple gold medals over the last few years at the Stockholm Beer Festival. Fans around the rest of the world can order the beer and while the shipping charges may be high, who cares, it's Slayer! If you do wind up ordering the beer, just don't chug the whole thing, smash it against your head, and scream "SLAAAYEERRRR!" Enjoy it.

When asked if the beer tastes like Slayer, Tom Araya stated, "It can taste authentic. So, yes, a beer can taste like Slayer." When writing your beer review, make sure you comment on the notes of South of Heaven with a hint of Show No Mercy that finishes with an aftertaste of Hell Awaits. The nose? It smells a bit like blood, wait, make that "Raining blood ... from a lacerated sky."

Slayer now join an ever-growing list of metal bands with signature beers, including Cannibal Corpse, whose 'Amber Smashed Face' Ale was announced earlier this week. Pretty soon there will be enough heavy metal beers out there for you and your friends to drink entire tour packages.

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